Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The common cold, although not lethal can be pretty annoying and it’s not something we really want to have affect us. It makes us tired, groggy, sleepy and demotivated. Here are a few things you can do to get rid of your common cold easily, without drugs and naturally.

1. Get Some Sleep. Let your body get some rest, and ensure the room you’re in has a fresh supply of air. Keep a window open slightly to allow air to recycle otherwise the air you’re exhaling and want to get rid of mixes and is also inhaled.

2. Drink Lots of Warm Water. Water is the best body cleanser in my life. I drink a lot of water daily and can often tell signs of my body needing water on days that I don’t drink as much as I usually should. Warm water when ill is just as good and easier for the body to take. If you don’t like lots of water, squeeze some fresh lime to give it a taste.

3. Eat Water-Rich Content. Lots of fruits and vegetables will do you a lot of good. So too will some hot soup. Keep your intake light and easy on the stomach so that fresh nutrients can help fight off the foreign particles in your body causing the common cold. Steamed vegetables are good and avoid highly cooked, spicy and processed foods.

4. De-stress. Stress can sometimes be attractive to the foreign particles that cause the common cold. Use this time to de-stress by listening to your favourite music, playing a musical instrument, reading and other at-home leisurely activities. Take your mind off things that are currently worrying you and enjoy some time off.

5. Avoid Energy Drainers. Avoid people, foods, music, activities, etc that drain you more. Your goal is to get out of the state of common cold that the viruses have put you in. Allow your body to heal and don’t let others affect that.