Friday, June 25, 2010

Arigato Ogazaimaz!!!! Sayonara Denmark-san!

haha... wow fantastik...bombastik...just that i imagine in my dream. Japan won...Japan won..Japan won...congratulation. its was a best game Japan ever play. Honda played superbly just like Mohammad Ali trademark"fly like a butterfly and stung like a bee". 2 goal got from outside penalty box and 1 goal got from fooling goal keeper in penalty box. The Denmark player stunt like and ice cold for what just happen. I might though they think"Oh my god,this is not happening,just a dream". hahahaha Sike!!!....its reality my friend...Japan is more firrior than you. Now all nation will set an eyes at this samurai nation for its skill and good quality player they have. Just the time of 90 minute has gone by...the set piece is done properly. Not like i say Denmark play like They played quite good and just luck flying over Japan this time..Takeshi Okada was the happiest man in the world because of this great success. So we can conform it that 2 Asian nation has gone through to next match.(Australia not one of them,thank god for that). For what it worth, i hope Japanese player will play at other game with mentally prepared just like in this game...Who says Asian play like shit....put it back in your mouth baby !!!!!